Detox Diet Week: The 7 Day Weight Loss Cleanse

Detox diet plans have become very popular in the weight loss world. The popular diet trend helps you lose weight fast, while flushing toxins from your body.

From time to time I make media appearances or participate in photo shoots and have to really look my best. To ready myself for these jobs I do a Detox Diet Week. I do this to reduce bloat, trim a few pounds, clear up my skin and ensure my long hair will shine under the lights.

I also participate in the detox cleanse when I feel I’ve gotten too obsessed with food, a common issue for a cookbook author. And I recommend it to people who need a boost in weight loss, want to cleanse their bodies and in general just feel better.

This Detox Diet Week is a filling plan that slowly eases you into the detox smoothie only days. You get to eat real meals as you gently ease into the two day smoothie detox cleanse and can lose between 5-15 pounds in the 7 day cleanse diet program.

A 7 day detox diet can help you trim down for an event, or reset your cravings. For a faster detox diet, try this 3 Day Detox.

Detox Diet Week: The 7 Day Weight Loss Cleanse

This detox diet plan is so effective, and so popular, that it’s been turned into a book! But don’t worry, you can get the full cleansing diet for free!

Most often, people detox to lose weight, but this plan will help you increase energy, look and feel younger, and so much more! See below in the Benefits of a Detox Diet Plan for more reasons to try this 7 day detox plan.

In this Detox Diet Week article you will find:

  • Why does the Detox Diet Week Work
  • Detox Diet Plan Reviews
  • Detox Diet Week Guide
  • 6 Detox Diet Smoothie Recipes
  • 5 Detox Diet Salad Recipes
  • 3 Detox Meals (plus links to 8 more)
  • 6 Detox Snack Options
  • Detox Drinks Guide
  • Detox Drinks Recipes
  • Detox Meal Plan
  • Benefits of a Detox Diet
  • The 3 Day Detox Diet vs. The 7 Day Detox

With all of this information you will be well equipped to start your first 7 day detox plan!

If you are still looking for more recipes, as well as 3 other Detox Diet Plans including a one month, 3 month, and longer weight loss detox plans, check out my best selling book Lose Weight By Eating Detox Week.

Why Does The Detox Diet Week Work?

The reason this Detox Diet Week works so well is the plethora of raw fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables help scrub your body clean(1) with removing toxins(2) and extra body fat.

Raw fruits and vegetables have more nutrients than cooked produce so when you have a metabolism boosting, beautifying vegetable like raw broccoli it’s more effective than steamed or grilled broccoli, simply because it’s still in the raw state.

So try to be open to this very raw way of eating, and before you know it you will be feeling satisfied and fabulous while detoxing and losing weight.

Below you’ll find the Detox Diet Week Guide, 5 new detox smoothie recipes (plus a link to 10 more), 5 big bowl salad recipes, 3 detox meal options (along with more links to more meal options), detox snack options, a detox water / drinks guide and a detox meal plan to keep you on track.

To give your weight loss an additional boost, I recommend using detox water for an extra detox cleanse.

This Detox Diet Week slowly guides you into 2 all smoothie days, and gently back out. This way you gradually change your diet while boosting metabolism.

Detox Diet Plan Reviews

This Detox Diet Plan has bee extremely popular! People are losing up to 16 pounds in one week, and they are doing this while eating MORE food than before!

Before you skip this plan simply because the word “detox” is in it, understand that in this case, you will eat more food while on the detox diet plan, not less!

The idea that a “detox” is a fast was also Brough up by my on camera pal, Rachael Ray!

Rachael said that when she hears the words “Detox Diet” she thinks of someone hardly eating anything at all… And in the video below you can see that this detox diet plan, is the exact opposite!

Now, I know I’m talking about the book here (because I don’t often go on TV to talk about this website), but it is the same detox weight loss plan that I will review below…

The 7 day detox is not only filled with healthy foods, you may actually find you will eat MORE on this 7 day detox plan, than you are now!

Below you will find the Detox Week Plan, lots of Detox Weight Loss Recipes, even a 7 day cleanse meal planner! So keep scrolling…

Detox Diet Week Guide

The 7 day detox plan is relatively simple to follow. I will explain the plan for each of the 7 days, then I will give a visual guide to the detox week plan.

The 7 day detox diet plan is outlined below:

  • Day 1: One Detox Smoothie | One Detox Salad | One Detox Meal | 2 Detox Snacks
  • Day 2: One Detox Smoothie | Two Detox Salads | Two Detox Snacks
  • Day 3: Two Detox Smoothies | One Detox Salad | Two Detox Snacks
  • Day 4: Three Detox Smoothies | Two Detox Snacks
  • Day 5: Three Detox Smoothies | Two Detox Snacks
  • Day 6: One Detox Smoothie | Two Detox Salads | Two Detox Snacks
  • Day 7: One Detox Smoothie | One Detox Salad | One Detox Meal | Two Detox snacks

As you see above, the 7 day detox plan gently guides you into two smoothie detox days. This will help maximize weight loss, and craving reset. If on these smoothie detox days, should you feel extra hungry, you can add another smoothie, or an addition snack.

Below, in the grid, you will see a visual example of the 7 day detox diet plan.

You can have the detox meals in any order you like on this 7 day cleanse. Most people like the detox smoothies in the morning, salads at lunch and detox meal recipes in the evening, but you can go in any order you like.

Just be sure to use the downloadable Detox Meal Plan to schedule it all out.

The simple to follow Detox Diet Week can also be found in my Detox Week cookbook. You can find 3 other detox plans in the cookbook as well.

Detox Diet Smoothie Recipes

You can use frozen fruits for these detox smoothie diet recipes, but be sure to get organic both in frozen and fresh produce.

On this cleansing smoothie diet, we are trying to remove toxins so it’s important you opt for the best quality food to see the best results.

I recommend detox smoothies for weight loss or whenever you may feel bloated.

For even more recipes, check out my Detox Smoothie Recipes for a Fast Weight Loss Cleanse or 10 Best Green Smoothie Recipes for Quick Weight Loss guides.

Special Tip: Detox smoothies are a powerful weight loss tool that you can and should use every day.

To make the best detox smoothies as conveniently as possible, check out our Recommended Smoothie Blenders or see our list of the Top 10 Best Selling Smoothie Blenders.

With a good smoothie blender, you’ll be encouraged to make them every day, and find your weight loss and detox goals are easier to achieve. It’s worth the $100 investment in your health!

The detox diet smoothies are easy to make:

Step 1 – add all ingredients to blender
Step 2 – blend until smooth
Step 3 – enjoy

Some tips to help you make in making the weight loss smoothie recipes:

  • Add the greens in first, this will help the blender process faster.
  • Instead of adding juice or almond milk to continue to thin your detox smoothie, add water. It’s zero calories!
  • Clean your blender as soon as you’ve poured the detox smoothie, this will help avoid food sticking.

The below weight loss smoothie recipes are packed full of metabolism boosting ingredients!

More detox diet recipes, detox meal plan, and the benefits of a weight loss cleanse below… Keep scrolling.

Grown Up Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This recipe is from the Best-Selling Detox Week cookbook!

If you loved strawberry banana smoothies as a child, you will love this grown up version!

This detox smoothie recipe is so low in calories, I recommend you double the recipe when on an all smoothie day. You can also add in some vegan protein powder to help you stay full, longer!