4 Lemon Detox Water Recipes + Health Benefits

These 4 Lemon Detox Water Recipes make it easy to increase your water intake, lose weight, and support your immune system. They take only minutes to make & taste amazing! Look and feel great by adding detox water to your routine.

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Easy Lemon Detox Water

It’s almost bikini season. Are you ready for it?

If not, a good place to start is just drinking more water! Our bodies are 60% water, we NEED water to survive. But truth be told, not all of use like the taste of water. If you’re like me you’d rather have coffee than tasteless water. Can I get an amen?

One of my tricks this time of year to not only drink more water but to detox at the same time is adding a few simple targeted ingredients to my water.

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There are a lot of theories out there on how much water you should be drinking per day. Some say you should be drinking half an ounce to an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. Others say, just a straight eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day. Honestly, you I wouldn’t focus on a number just yet.


Focus on just drinking water!

Once you’ve established a routine, than I would go the route of what health advisors recommend. A simple 8×8 rule –> drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day. Which is equivalent to 2 liters of water or a half gallon!


What Are the Benefits of Lemon Detox Water?

  1. It helps promote hydration. We should be drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day, adding lemon to your water helps it taste better and in theory will help you drink more water.
  2. Water and Lemon support weight loss. Drinking more water will actually make you feel full. That combined with the health benefits of lemon, specifically the polyphenol antioxidants, helps reduces weight gain.
  3. It’s a good source of Vitamin C. Citrus fruits in general are a great source of Vitamin C, adding lemon to your water gives you an extra boost. (add in orange or grapefruit for even more Vitamin C power)
  4. Helps with Digestion. Some people drink lemon water to help prevent constipation. Drinking warm or hot lemon water when you wake up in the morning may help get your digestive system start moving.

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Ok, so now that you know all the benefits of drinking lemon water. How much lemon do you need to actually make a difference?


How to Make Lemon Detox Water

Alway use fresh lemons not the artificial lemon juice. You will need more than one wedge or slice to have an affect, 3-4 slices of fresh lemon added to your water is a good place to start. Drinking this lemon water consistently throughout the day, you will notice a significant difference. To make the drink as healthy as possible used filtered water and organic lemons.


How Does Lemon Water Help Detox?

Let’s be clear. Lemon Water is not a detox. In order to truly detox your body, you have to remove toxins from your gastrointestinal tract and in order to do that you need fiber. Lemons are not high in fiber. But lemons are high in Vitamin C which aids the immune system. Lemon waters helps your body by flushing out toxins (ahem… going pee) and cleansing your liver.

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Lemon Detox Water Side Effects

Now, even though lemon water has so many great benefits there are a few side effects you should be aware of. However, there are easy remedies. Lemons are high in citric acid, which may cause tooth decay. One of the ways you can prevent the tooth decay is to drink through a straw or to have a glass of regular water right after so it washes away the citric acid.


Some people report that they have heartburn because of the lemon water, namely from the citric acid in the lemons. This can go either way. Some people get heartburn and others say it helps relieve the heartburn as the lemon juice turns alkaline. So I think it’s one of those, half dozen one way and half dozen the other.

Others say they’ve seen an increase in going to the bathroom from drinking lemon water. There is no research to show that drinking lemon water increases bathroom breaks. But I will say, if you’re drinking more water you’re going to go to the bathroom more. That’s just a fact.


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All in all there are so many benefits of drinking! Your body needs the hydration! It will help reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, and supports weight loss.

Drinking lemon detox water is a win win for you!

Today I wanted to give you a few “add in’s” to take your water drinking over the top. Mixing lemons with blueberries, fresh cucumber, mint or ginger will really change the flavor profile and give you more health benefits. Such as more antioxidants or anti-inflammatory properties. It looks pretty and is super refreshing.