3 Day Detox and Restore Plan

I tried so many versions of “magical” detox diets and struggled a lot until I understood exactly how it works. The concept is really basic – unless you suffer from chronic illness, a detox should be actually a re-connection with the whole food, an easy to do and intuitive one, adapted to the season and to your own lifestyle. For me, it would be impossible to keep a juice-only detox during winter when my body craves warm food.


Putting lots of pressure on your body and feeling guilty about all the little things that you just can’t handle will not lead you to a balanced state of body and mind. Moreover, you will feel stressed, your body will react, and your detox will have no results.


Why do you need a 3 Day Detox?

Your body neutralizes and eliminates toxins every day, so the so-called detox is happening all the time. However, sometimes we loose track and eat foods that aren’t exactly good for us, we eat sugar, junk food and refined carbs, and our body has a harder time metabolizing it, nutrients are consumed in the process and the liver gets tired.

This is when you should reconsider a nutrient-dense diet, to fuel the cells with everything they need for a healthy activity.



I see the nutrient-rich diet should as a lifetime objective, rather than a 1, 3 or 7 day of “detox”.


Since we don’t always have the time or possibility to eat healthy, getting a few days of healthy eating, or “detox”, every now and then is a thing that will body will thank you for, and a new occasion to reconsider the attention and time you give to your health, and why not, to set a healthier lifestyle intention you can try stick to.


When I plan short periods of detox, I always have in mind two main objectives – nourishing my body with high quality nutrients and keeping my mind calm and focused.


It may sound overwhelming, but it’s actually easy if you don’t view the detox as a stressful must-do, but more as a treat, a pleasure for your mind and body, and an opportunity to reconnect with your inner self. It will need your full attention, but it’s just another way to take control over your life and your state of wellness, to feel and look your best.



I think the best period for a short detox is during the weekend, because you have more time to focus on your needs, to mindfully prepare the food, and to pay more attention to your thoughts and emotions.


However, if you decide to handle your detox during the weekdays, starting on Monday is a great idea, as you can plan everything, shop, and cook during the weekend.


Do I lose weight during a 3 Day Detox?

Yes, you will lose weight during a 3 Day Detox.

However, I haven’t designed this detox program for a quick weight loss but as a way to reconnect to your body, mind and regain inner balance.

Your body will be nurtured with fresh nutrients and since you won’t be eating processed and fat foods anymore the weight loss process will naturally occur.


You will find the basics of my 3 day detox below.

How to do a complete Body Detox?

– Eat clean – eliminate meat, fish, seafood, dairy, eggs, processed food, fast food, fried food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and gluten. If possible stay away from salt.

– Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice twice a day for a high intake of nutrients (about 2 cups).

– Snack carefully – eat nuts and seeds soaked overnight for magnesium intake.

– Add nourishing and colorful ingredients to your diet, freshly prepared vegetables with greens, legumes or brown rice.

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– Supplement with super foods for detoxing the liver – turmeric, ginger, spirulina.

– Increase fiber intake for flushing out toxins – chia, flax seed, greens, broccoli, oranges.

– Drink two liters of filtered water (with lemon, chia seeds, turmeric, ginger, or grapefruit) or herbal tea every day.

– Consume healthy fats only – cold pressed virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil, or avocado.

– Choose organic fruits and vegetables.

– Don’t skip meals.

– Make enema to flush out the accumulated toxins in the colon (this one is recommended especially if you eat meat and/or junk food daily)



How can I do a Mind Detox?

– Start your day with 15-20 minutes of yoga practice to relieve stress and focus your mind.

– Take long walks every day (if your schedule is very busy, maybe walking to work would be an option).

– Be present and focused on your body changes and emotions during the detox.

– Stay away from negative thoughts and emotions, don’t watch the news and annoying television programs.